“The only time I get bothered by bad grammar is when it is paired off with lack of purpose.”
- Sheila Viesca, TalkShop

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014


How you communicate is very important to be successful in school and society today. Grammar gives language users the control of expression and communication in everyday life.  Communication is the heart and soul of the human experience.  The process communication mainly includes speaking, listening, and writing.  Nobody actually learns grammar to learn his/ her own mother tongue.  It is only happening  that we start speaking when everybody speak around us.  We slowly develop a better sense of understanding with the passage of time.  It is one of the most important concept in human communication.  It is how people ensure that they are understood properly, and it is also the most effective way to express the thoughts and concepts that they want to share.  Imagine how confusing it can be for people to understand you if you speak a language other than their native tongue.  Speaking or writing in a grammatically incorrect manner can be just as confusing as trying to understand a foreign language can be. It is important to use your words properly in order to get your point across efficiently.  Practicing good basic grammar can also add credibility to what you say and write.  Grammar is one of the keys to effective business communications, and anyone who is planning to study business or planning to work in the business world needs to learn basic grammar.

When learning or using a language, many people find that their grammar is far from perfect. But grammar is unavoidable.  It is the backbone of any language and  It must be understood and used properly in order for one to communicate effectively. Every time you write something, you are being judged for your grammar, even if it is involuntary.  You are less likely to land job, you are less likely to get replied to on social media sites, and you are less likely to get contacted when online dating. Having good grammar simply makes you look more intelligent, so it is important for everyone to spend a little time perfecting theirs.